Corporate Medical Services

Corporate Medical Services

Euro-Line offers professional services with a wide range of solutions for all kinds of institutions and organizations. Depending on potential requests on this matter, private and qualified healthcare staff, physicians or specialists can be positioned as healthcare staff in organizations. These people can provide healthcare on a permanent or temporary basis in line with the needs of the companies. By the courtesy of this flexible health service, effective, efficient and cost-effective solutions can be provided to the companies during times of staff shortage. Designated Euro-Line teams offer professional experience to patients or employees in the best way and continue to work in perfect harmony in line with Euro-Line’s experience and ethical principles.

24/7 telephone medical consultancy service

Euro-Line actively provides staff support services such as assistant healthcare staff, psychologist, dietician, physiotherapist in institutions and organizations located in various cities of Turkey. However, in line with the requests and needs of the institutions, telephone counseling and telephone medical advice (information about diseases, referral during emergency cases, referral of people to correct medical branch in line with complaints) can be offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Euro-Line can provide this service to its clients for any period of time or in frequency they wish, and form an infirmary for provision of the health service requested for companies without an infirmary.

On-site health screenings

Workplace periodic examinations or all tests related to health issues which may pose a risk for employees can be performed in a mobile vehicle or after a medical team makes a visit to the company and creates the necessary medical infrastructure. Moreover, special services related to a desired subject, including breast examination, dermatology examination, eye scan, etc., can also be organized.  This service can be provided within the scope of a corporate service or in the form of periodic projects.

Seeing provision of different solutions to the needs of organizations as an important vision, Euro-Line continues to work in that direction.