Occupational Health and Safety Services

Occupational Health and Safety Services

Euro-Line Medical Services has been a pioneer of innovations with its visionary perspective in the sector since the time of its establishment. Envisioning years before the introduction of legal regulations related to OSGBs, it began to tell the necessity of these services to institutions and take necessary measures in institutions it worked with. Since 2005, it has continued to work on provision of health support services and staffing, the service of supplying corporate doctors, occupational physicians and occupational nurses as the basis of today’s concept of "Joint Health and Safety Unit(OSGB)".

Euro-Line obtained an OSGB license following the change in legislation in 2010 and began to provide occupational safety service under its "İlk Dost OSGB" brand.

Currently, its OSGB license is applicable in Istanbul, Ankara, Kocaeli, Adana, Tekirdağ, Izmir and Manisa, and it continues to grow in this field by extending its services to the rest of Turkey. Euro-Line offers the following services within the scope this service:


  • Supplying occupational physicians 
    • Supplying occupational safety experts
    • Supplying assistant occupational health staff
    • Basic occupational health and safety services
  • Preparation of risk analysis and emergency action plan
  • Basic occupational health and safety training
    • Occupational health and safety training
    • Fire training
      • Consultancy on safety of hazardous substances
      • Preparation of the document on protection from explosion

For further details, go to www.ilkdost.com.tr