About Us

About Us

Established as an ambulance and health organization company in 2005, Euro-Line Medical Services is strengthening its position in the sector with its projects developed with its experienced and dynamic team. Euro-Line continually renews its range of services with a visionary point of view and aims to extend services throughout Turkey.

Given the fact that the needs in this field also increase every day and become diverse along with developments in the sector, Euro-Line is expanding its service network in accordance with these dynamics.

Growth momentum in the ambulance services increases its reliability

Ambulance services constitute the basic building block of the establishment of Euro-Line. Although the sector experienced a contraction in this area,  Euro-Line managed to increase its momentum every day and  reached a position where it provides services in Istanbul, Izmir, and Bursa today. One of the most important factors in its success is its ability to maintain the same quality of service in all regions. It maintains the standards set by the Ministry of Health in its ambulance fleet, while making necessary arrangements depending on the region or service area in which the service is provided. The growth momentum shown by Euro-Line also increases its credibility with organizations.

Target is to reach Turkey as a whole in occupational health and safety services

Euro-Line acts with foresight about the needs of the sector and tries to develop projects accordingly. Its successful approach on occupational health and safety also constitutes one of them. Euro-Line has worked on occupational health and safety since 2007 and continued its operations as a licensed company since March, 2011, immediately after introduction of the legislation on this matter in 2010. Euro-Line continues its occupational health and safety activities with the brand "İlk Dost OSGB", which was established within, and continues to be assertive in this field with its recently opened branches.

In the coming period, its target is to open new branches throughout Turkey in line with this claim.

Productivity is increasing with consultancy services

Euro-Line Medical Services also uses different perspectives for healthcare institutions and insurance companies.

. It identifies the needs of companies and organizations and offers appropriate solutions under the heading of consultancy services.

In project-based consultancy services, designated teams serve on individual operations. Depending on the projects, staff specific to that operation may be employed. Improvement of the processes of institutions and increased efficiency are its most fundamental objectives in this service.

Reliable business partner in private healthcare solutions specific to institutions

Euro-Line aims to generate solutions to health problems of all institutions which it has contacted once. In this perspective, it is a business partner  that could produce necessary solutions in terms of healthcare. According to demand, it provides a range of services, including consultancy, direct execution of the service, and coordination of outsourcing. In this context, it may provide staff, technology, medical equipment and healthcare professionals required for permanent or temporary healthcare services to be provided in an institution to the institution’s employees on behalf of the institution. In line with Euro-Line’s perspective in this field, services to be offered to employees of the institution can be changed and improved according to the needs.

Currently with more than 200 employees, Euro-Line is both an OSGB (joint health and safety unit) authorized in Adana, Ankara, Kocaeli, Manisa and Tekirdag and an organization licensed to provide ambulance services in Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir. With its existing branches, it takes justified pride in reaching approximately 70% of Turkish population.