Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Euro-Line Medical Services has provided consultancy services to insurance and healthcare companies within the framework of periodical projects since it started to operate in this field.  It can offer a variety of solutions to the needs of companies by the courtesy of its previous experiences with both healthcare institutions and insurance companies. Euro-Line services are listed under the following headings.

Solutions for healthcare institutions

  •  Management consulting

As part of this service, the target is to increase productivity by providing smooth operation within the organization. Institutions demanding the management consulting service first go through a thorough evaluation. Following examination and analysis of the institution, administrative and organizational shortfalls and requirements are revealed and solutions are offered .

  • New business practices

These cover reconstruction of specific areas in healthcare organizations such as intensive care, emergency services so that they will contribute to the financial profitability of the institution.   Professional teams in Euro-Line conduct necessary analyses for this purpose and develop projects conforming to dynamics of the institution under the relevant legislation. Projects approved by companies which will buy the service are implemented.

  • Contract management and business development practices

This covers drawing up contracts of hospitals with payer institutions such as private health insurance companies, bank retirement funds, etc. This service can be provided at the time of incorporation of the healthcare institution as well as during provision of healthcare by that institution. The target is to update and tailor the institutions’ contracts to the industry's dynamics by contract management and business development practices and implement projects involving productivity-enhancing solutions.

Solutions for insurance companies

  • Development of a network of contracted organizations

This covers execution of contracts with healthcare institutions which the insured of an institution can or may use on a regional or national basis in line with the requirements of that institution or development of networks of private contracted organizations with a fixed payment model, such as HMO.

  • Execution of provisioning and compensation processes

Healthcare teams consisting of doctors or assistant healthcare staff serving in the insurance company or Euro-Line call center provide service to the insured. These teams assess medical files of the insured and ensure that accurate decisions are taken for payment of health benefits.

  • Management of medical expertise services

This service is offered in two different ways. First, the patient is visited by Euro-Line physicians in the institution where s/he is treated. Within the scope of this visit, following verification of ID, it’s assessed whether the treatment processes performed are appropriate for the patient.

The second service is verification by professionals in the network of expert faculty members created by Euro-Line of whether diagnosis and treatment methods are appropriate.

  • Provision of disease management services
  • Provision of primary healthcare

Within the scope of this service, occupational physician (primary care physician) referral practice is introduced into institutions which are the group insured, on behalf of insurance companies. This allows reducing damage premium rates of the groups.