Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

Euro-Line Medical Services has offered a wide range of services to its customers since the time of its establishment, and also shows its years of experience in emergency medical services.

Ambulance services, which constituted the first area of service after the establishment of the company, are offered non-stop 24/7. Euro-Line currently continues to offer the services in Bursa, Istanbul and Izmir and expand its service network with its founders comprised of the industry's leading names every day.

Although fixed-point services form the priority service area in Euro-Line ambulance organization, mobile ambulance teams are also available in Bursa and Izmir. It offers the services with its network of contracted institutions throughout Turkey. Thus, it is possible to provide the services to people and organizations calling from various points in Turkey.

Professional, educated, strong teams

All ambulances in the fleet of Euro-Line Medical Services are equipped and licensed in accordance with TS-EN 1789 standard of Ministry of Health. Euro-Line is diligent about the fact that the staff members in the respective area of service are expert, experienced individuals so the ambulance crews consist of professional and educated people. Ambulance crews consisting of a doctor and/or a paramedic, an emergency medical technician and a driver trained in first aid, equipped emergency ambulances and patient transport ambulances are positioned in such a way as to be closest to the group they serve and are kept ready to intervene as soon as possible in case of an emergency.

Under Euro-Line ambulance services, "Patient transport ambulances (HNA)", "emergency ambulances (AYA)", "fixed-point services", "ambulance services in events" and "Air ambulance organization" are available.