Emergency Ambulances

Emergency Ambulances

Emergency service is provided to institutions or persons with ambulances in the fleet of Euro-Line Emergency Medical Services. Ensuring provision of the service 24/7 always at the same high standards is shown as a priority target.

Within the scope of emergency ambulance services, it’s ensured that any patients or patient relatives who contact Euro-Line Emergency Medical Services for any reason are taken to  inpatient or outpatient healthcare facilities in the most ideal conditions as soon as possible.

Ambulance crews consisting of a doctor and/or a paramedic, an emergency medical technician and a driver trained in first aid and equipped emergency ambulances are positioned in such a way as to be closest to the group they serve, and are kept ready to intervene as soon as possible in case of an emergency.


Euro-Line's reliability in the industry is growing every day

As soon as the ambulance reaches a patient, a doctor performs initial examination and any intervention, if necessary. If the patient needs to be transported to a hospital for necessary exams, then s/he will be transported to the nearest healthcare facility. The healthcare facility to which the patient will be transported to is contacted immediately and provided with necessary information so that necessary organization is made on behalf of the patient. The patient’s relatives are also notified at the same time.

Technological infrastructure of the ambulances is continually kept up-to-date, and their locations are permanently kept under control by the courtesy of a fleet tracking system, ensuring continuity of communication.

Euro-Line continues its steady growth momentum

One of the most important elements that make Euro-Line stand-out on emergency medical services is the quality service concept provided with years of experience. Euro-Line has the privilege to offer services with or on behalf of Turkey’s leading healthcare organizations, if it becomes necessary, and continues its operations with  a steady growth and momentum in ambulance services. With this feature, Euro-Line Medical Services enhances its reliability in the industry every day.